Other fine furnishings


“If it’s made from wood we can create it” is the boast of our highly skilled craftsmen.

From our West Yorkshire workshop, we use a variety of recycled timbers – from reclaimed pine to reclaimed oak and recycled hardwoods to create bespoke home furniture for our customers.

Whether it’s a wooden kitchen table to match existing home furnishings or a custom made door to fill an extra-wide gap in your house then we can help. We can even provide and fit timber floors made entirely from reclaimed wood. Our portfolio also includes a full range of fitted or free-standing kitchen furniture and bedroom furniture, including child bedroom furniture – all from recycled timber.

Traditional wood furniture

The natural ageing process of wood, gives recycled timbers a depth of colour that is difficult to achieve with newly felled timber. This gives our home furnishings individual character and a unique finish. We can maintain and even enhance the natural ageing of reclaimed wood for an even more traditional look.

Contemporary wood furniture

If your home is new, or furnished in a more contemporary style, you can still take advantage of our reclaimed wood furniture. Using specialised techniques we can colour and modernise reclaimed timber to match the colour scheme or style that you desire. In fact, around half the furniture we create is destined for homes that are less than 20 years old.

By using recycled timber we not only create beautifully crafted home furniture but we also reduce the impact on the environment. Read more about our environmentally friendly policy and why we work with reclaimed wood.

To find out more about our range of attractive bespoke furniture and furnishings from recycled timber call us on 07415646860 or complete our online contact form.